Hey. I'm Blessing Hana King, but call me Bliss. 15 yrs old and princess of the forest, but lets forget about the last little detail. I have stage 2 breast cancer, but I'm doing okay. I love to sing, write songs,play my guitar, I chart stars. I'm a bit of a nerd. I've been told I have a go voice but I don't thing so. My father is King Bambi and my mother is Queen Faline. Cooper is my big brother then there's my sisters, Gwen and June. My older twin brother Hope then after me is my little ray of sunshine, Aiyana. I have the bestest friend in the world Parker Dalmatian. Also I have the best boyfriend ever, Tyler Rabbit, I've known him sins I was a little girl. Please come talk ti me


Currently no M!A

Melissa Zi King||17||FC: Fivel Stewart

Bio- Melissa is fun loving and care free. Mel is very close with her cousin J.J and they are often mistaken for brother and sister. The only thing that get her worked up is when other people are rude to her father cause of him being deaf and start yelling at him thinking he could hear them if the speck louder. She also loves her mothers heritage and traditions. Mel loves to sit in her room and read her scrolls, and sings old Chinese songs her mother taught her

Secret: She wants to dedicate her life to helping special needs children in both he parents countries. Chain and Italy 

#Could bee better written #be* #and the name #but I like her nameXD
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